Since 1989, Inliner® Cured-in-Place pipe (CIPP) has been used throughout North America to protect, seal and renew over 30 million feet of sanitary, storm and industrial process piping.

Inliner Technologies, LLC is one of the largest Cured-in-Place pipe (CIPP) networks in the U.S., supplying and supporting over 40 certified installation crews. Headquartered in Paoli, IN, the company's technology has been utilized to perform pipe renewal projects in the U.S. and Canada since 1989. Inliner Technologies is owned by Layne, a worldwide provider of water, energy and mineral services.

Inliner's licensed installers are contracted by municipalities and manufacturing-based industrial facilities to renew storm, waste and process sewer piping that have been damaged by corrosion and/or structural deterioration. CIPP technology allows for the renewal of damaged underground pipes without excavation. The process minimizes disruption to the public by reducing noise, traffic disturbance, and road damage - and can be done within a far shorter time frame, and usually for less cost than replacement of the pipes.



Long-lasting, environmentally friendly products for the renewal of pipes of any size, across a spectrum of applications.

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