Steam Curing

Inliner Technologies is leading the way with our cutting-edge steam curing solutions. We continue to push the boundaries of the product with advanced engineering and smart installation solutions. No access to water and/or sewer discharge? No problem! Inliner licensees are now installing steam-cured culverts in diameters up to 96 inches. That's kind of a big deal! 

 Like a solid workhorse, water inversion & curing is still a very popular method of CIPP installation, especially for very large pipes requiring a thick tube. However as we continue to refine our processes and develop innovative installation methods for steam-cure applications, our use of steam will continue to edge out water installations due to its flexibility and environmental benefits.
And steam is our fastest method of installation, which is great for residential neighborhoods. We can come in after people have left for work for the day, line a section of pipe, and be done before they return in the afternoon. Now that's efficient! 
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