UV Light Curing

Inliner STX is manufactured here in the United States and incorporates a fiberglass reinforced tube that provides higher-strength properties resulting in thinner wall designs. This can help maximize hydraulic capacity and reduce resin consumption – benefits that can be significant as diameters increase.
The product is pulled in place and then cured utilizing an advanced UV light train instead of hot water or steam. This eliminates a required cool-down period once curing is completed and there is no water byproduct to pump or discharge as a result of the installation process.
Other benefits include:
  • Polymeric films which serve as STYRENE BARRIERS and help encapsulate the resin for an ECO-FRIENDLY installation.
  • Uniform finished wall thicknesses and a product SHELF LIFE OF SIX MONTHS – no refrigeration required for shipment or storage.
  • Advanced instrumentation on the UV light train which allows for PRE-CURE INSPECTION of the liner placement while also providing constant key data such as temperature, travel rate and line pressure during the cure cycle.
Inliner installers have lined more than 30 million feet of waste and storm water pipelines and, in addition to inverting CIPP, have been using the pull-in-place installation method for over 25 years.