Our geopolymer lining is a trenchless rehabilitation method applied by using monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties to repair existing pipelines. These applications will adhere to any structure surface, and unlike traditional cement- based mortars, they are also capable of bonding and building to great thicknesses.

Installation and Timing

Using a spin caster or low-pressure hand-sprayer, our crews apply a consistent and evenly coated layer of geopolymer material from the top to bottom of the structure. Following the coating, crews use trowels tosmooth out the finish. Once applied to the damaged or deteriorated surface, the geopolymer material quickly forms into a crystalline structure for higher resistance to acids, lower porosity and greater surface durability.

Granite Inliner site crews can complete preparation and installation in the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering materials. Typically, the application of the geopolymer coatings require one pass, in the range of thickness of .5” to 1.5”, with a maximum thickness of approximately 3”. The quick cure rate shortens bypasstime and allows flows to be re-established much quickerthan Portland cement-based mortars.

On horizontal geopolymer applications with water diversion requirements, our project teams install bypass systems. Dependent on size and other project dynamics, Granite Inliner may opt to assign the bypass setup scope to a strategic partner, allowing for total focus for our crews on physical installation activities.