Liner Tubes

Liner Products is a Granite-owned liner manufacturing operation that provides reliable and high-performance CIPP products to installers throughout the U.S. These products include tubes for inversion and pull-in-place methods for mainline CIPP, calibration hoses, lateral liners, and pre-liners where required.

Our meticulous standards and ISO 9001 certification assures installers and owners alike, that they will receive a final product that consistently performs beyond expectations. Liner Products can manufacture liners in diameters of 3” to 120” and can produce them in varying thickness levels based upon design conditions.

Rigorous specifications established in-house andthroughout our supply chain ensure quality for all components that go into our material (including raw felt and a variety of tube coatings). Working closely with other industry professionals, Liner Products can provide solutions for the most difficult installations along with more traditional projects. Tubes can be heat-bonded or steam-stitched, fiber-reinforced or straight polyester and even transition from one diameter to another in the same run.

This vertical integration and quality assurance within our CIPP offerings allows us to work closely with our customers to ensure consistent products and exceptional service while meeting recognized industry standards including ASTM D5813, ASTM F1216, and ASTM F1743.

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