Pull-In-Place Method

The liner is winched into place prior to inflation, removing the need for scaffolding and inversion columns at the upstream end of the installation.

The pull-in-place method of installing CIPP is generally described in ASTM F1743 or ASTM F2019 and the techniques recommended and used by Inliner Technologies are designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements of this standard practice.

Storm Water

The pull-in-place process begins with the resin-impregnated tube being attached to a cable that has been pre-strung through the existing pipe. After being carefully pulled through the pipe, static pressure is used to inflate the tube and hold it tightly against the host pipe. The tube is then cured using either water cure or steam cure methods. 

When curing with ultraviolet light, the liner is inflated and the light cure equipment is illuminated after an internal inspection of the liner. The light source is then propelled at a predetermined rate through the entire liner to execute the cure.