Water & Pressure Pipe


In addition to our flagship Inliner® CIPP product for gravity wastewater applications, Granite Inliner also offers potable water main and sanitary pressure pipe rehabilitation solutions through RS Technik AG.

RS Technik AG provides RS CityLiner® for our pressure pipe installations and RS BlueLine® for our waterline installations. Resin for both applications are applied using RS MobiPreg® mobile saturation technology. Installation for both RS BlueLine and RS CityLiner are both compliant with ASTM F1216 and F2994.

Installation and Timing

Similar to CIPP applications for storm and sanitary sewers, our teams wetout RS Technik resin-saturated liners in controlled wetout facilities or over-the-hole for immediate vertical insertion, dependent upon site conditions. Liner curing is completed using water or steam based upon project specifications and customer requirements.

Additionally, Granite Inliner has the capability to cure Inliner STX® for this application using the UV- cured method.