We are a licensor of Cured-in-Place pipe renewal systems.

Covering the spectrum of applications in gravity and pressure piping systems, Inliner Technologies provides long-term solutions for pipes ranging in size from 4 to 120 inches. Inliner® products are installed via a network of trained contractors throughout the U.S. The company's primary client base includes municipalities and large industrial/manufacturing companies.


1468 West Hospital Road
Paoli, IN 47454-9215
Telephone: (812) 723-0704
Fax: (812) 723-5998
Web: www.inliner.com
E-mail: info@inliner.com


Larry Purlee, President of Inliner Technologies, LLC, a Layne Company

Parent Company:

Layne Inliner, LLC, www.layne.com

Sister Company:

Liner Products, LLC,  www.linerproducts.com

Number Employed by Inliner® Network:

Approximately 400

U.S. Industry Ranking:

2nd (Total Footage Installed)
2nd (2015 Installed Footages)