BLOG: Let There Be Light – UV Light

Introducing Inliner STX, UV light-cured CIPP

Innovation is a big topic of conversation around here. While Inliner consistently strives to improve our craft and introduce new techniques and products to the industry, we are doing some big things, and we look forward to sharing them with you. First on tap is Inliner STX, our fiberglass UV light-cured CIPP product.

Inliner STX

This innovative newproduct will give customers an alternative choice to our traditional water- and steam-cured felt lining tubes. Inliner STX is custom-manufactured in sizes ranging six to 48 inches in diameter, and is available for installation via the Inliner® cured-in-place pipe network.

UV fiberglass liners have been successfully installed in Europe for decades, but are still somewhat new to the U.S. market. While our traditional felt-based liners continue to offer reliable solutions and considerable flexibility in today’s marketplace—fiberglass-based, UV-cured liners can now offer additional benefits that make them a valued alternative for certain situations.

Why UV?


  • Glass fiber, with its higher-strength raw material characteristic, allows for reduced laminate thicknesses
  • The tube’s unique layered glass fiber construction and ability to utilize both polyester and vinylester resins also allows for the product to be used in a broader range of pressure applications
  • The Inliner STX product has unique styrene barriers that minimize resin, chemical exposure and post-installation residual concentrations in the pipeline, making it ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas and in those pipelines that directly discharge into open waterways
  • Refrigerated transport can be eliminated and a product shelf life of up to six months is guaranteed when properly stored
  • The installation process allows for viewing of the liner before it is cured
  • Inliner STX tubes are made in a new, state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified UV wetout facility in Southern Indiana, which allows us to quickly distribute installation-ready UV liners to installers
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Posted: June 20, 2015

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