Inliner STX® Makes Cincinnati's Calvary Cemetery Pipes Less Scary

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC), through its ongoing preventative maintenance program, encountered a sensitive infrastructure problem: video inspection revealed significant deterioration of a sewer located in an easement running directly under the Calvary Cemetery in Cincinnati.Cincinnati Cemetery

Because of the sewer’s location beneath grave sites, excavation was not an option. MSDGC quickly evaluated a multitude of trenchless options for resolution of this concern. Initially MSDGC bid the project for an in-place repair. Unfortunately the costs for that methodology significantly exceeded the engineer’s estimate and the project was re-bid. In the second bid, MSDGC expanded its solicitation to include ultraviolet light cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), a proven technology that was infrequently used by MSDGC. UV light-cured CIPP is ideal for projects with limited equipment access, higher liner strength requirements and heightened environmental concerns.

Layne Inliner, the winning bidder and owner of the Inliner STX® UV Light-Cured CIPP product, rehabilitated approximately 416 feet of 24-inch and 169 feet of 15-inch badly deteriorated vitrified clay pipe.

Additionally, one new manhole was installed to provide access to a blind lateral connection. Because the existing sewer was badly offset with a numerous turns, Layne performed the rehabilitation in several installations. The project spanned one week and was completed in August 2016.

MSDGC has now expanded its approved trenchless repair methods to include Layne’s Inliner STX® UV light-cured CIPP for future pipe rehabilitation projects. For more information, please visit

Posted: November 1, 2017

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